Born James Meador in Nashville, Tennessee, on February 4, 1912, handsome second-string leading man James Craig enjoyed a lengthy career in films, spanning the 1930s through the 1950s. When he was a child, Craig's family moved to Texas, where he grew up and went to college. He had just turned 25 when he was put under contract with Paramount in early 1937, and after a few small roles in films, Craig jumped ship to Columbia. He fared better at the new studio, where he earned a starring role in the backlot drama North of Shanghai (1939; with Betty Furness and Morgan Conway) and appeared in several comedy short subjects, such as Trouble Finds Andy Clyde (1939; with Andy Clyde) and the Three Stooges vehicle Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise (1939). Tiring of the low budgets at Columbia, Craig left for RKO's greener pastures in 1940. His fortunes improved when he was cast in meaty roles in Kitty Foyle (1940; with Ginger Rogers and Dennis Morgan) and The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941; with Walter Huston and Simone Simon), probably the best films of his career.
James CraigJames Craig

LEFT: Late 1930s promotional photo from Paramount. RIGHT: A beefcake shot of James Craig in this early 1940s RKO photo

Craig hopped over to MGM with the onset of World War II. With many leading men going into the service, Craig's career flourished in comedies and dramas, such as The Heavenly Body (1944; with William Powell and Hedy Lamarr), Kismet (1944; with Ronald Colman and Marlene Dietrich), and Dangerous Partners (1945; with Signe Hasso). But after the war, Craig's star began to fade. He then moved to westerns, some of them low-budget affairs such as Last of the Desperados (1955; with Jim Davis), Massacre (1956; with Dane Clark), and Man or Gun (1958; with Macdonald Carey and Audrey Totter).

the films of james craig

The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

Simone Simon and James Craig

With Simone Simon in RKO's fantasy The Devil and Daniel Webster

Valley of the Sun (1942)

James Craig and Lucille Ball

Craig stars with Lucille Ball in RKO's comedy western Valley of the Sun

Lost Angel (1943) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

James Craig and Margaret O'Brien

From MGM's heartwarming drama Lost Angel with Margaret O'Brien

The Human Comedy (1943) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

James Craig

Promotional photo from the MGM drama The Human Comedy

Swing Shift Maisie (1943) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

Ann Sothern and James Craig

From MGM's wartime comedy Swing Shift Maisie with Ann Sothern

Gentle Annie (1944)

James Craig, Donna Reed, Harry Morgan, Marjorie Main, and Paul LangtonMarjorie Main, James Craig, and Donna Reed

Craig plays the hero in MGM's western Gentle Annie. LEFT: With Donna Reed, Harry Morgan, Marjorie Main, and Paul Langton. RIGHT: With Marjorie Main and Donna Reed

She Went to the Races (1945)

James Craig and Frances Gifford

From MGM's comedy She Went to the Races with Frances Gifford

Little Mister Jim (1946)

Frances Gifford and James Craig

With Frances Gifford in the MGM tearjerker Little Mister Jim

The Man from Texas (1948)

James Craig and Lynn Bari

With Lynn Bari in the Eagle-Lion western The Man from Texas

Drums in the Deep South (1951) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

Guy Madison, Barbara Payton, and James CraigJames Craig and Barbara Payton

From RKO's western release Drums in the Deep South. LEFT: With Guy Madison and Barbara Payton. RIGHT: With scandal queen Barbara Payton

The Strip (1951)

James Craig and Sally Forrest

With Sally Forrest in MGM's noir release The Strip

Fort Vengeance (1953) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

James Craig

From the Allied Artists western Fort Vengeance

The Cyclops (1957) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

James Craig and Gloria TalbottJames Craig and Lon Chaney Jr.

From Bert I. Gordon's horror flick The Cyclops, released by Allied Artists. LEFT: With pretty scream queen Gloria Talbott. RIGHT: With Lon Chaney Jr.

Four Fast Guns (1960) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

James Craig

From Universal-International's western Four Fast Guns

later years

When his film career began to fizzle in the late 1950s, Craig turned to selling real estate and made a fortune. Thereafter, he appeared in movies only sporadically. Aside from a few late 1960s westerns, the nadir of his career proved to be the campy bargain-basement productions Doomsday Machine (filmed in 1967 but released in 1972; with Denny Miller, Grant Williams, and Ruta Lee), Bigfoot (1970; with John Carradine and Joi Lansing), and The Tormentors (1971; with Anthony Eisley and Chris Noel). Following the latter title, Craig gave up show business for good. Sadly, after a bout with cancer he passed away on June 28, 1985, at age 73. He was survived by two sons and a daughter.

Wed four times to three wives, his first wife, Mary, divorced him in 1958 after 19 years of marriage and three children. Craig then was briefly married to actress Jil Jarmyn from 1959 to 1962, and then he remarried his first wife, but this union again ended in divorce. In 1969, he married again but was divorced in 1980.

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Thunder Trail [DVD](1937) DVD
Two brothers are separated when their parents are killed during a wagon train attack. One is adopted by outlaws, the other by a good family. Reunited years later, they face each other as criminal and lawyer--and both in love with the same woman. Frontier drama based on a Zane Grey novel stars Gilbert Roland, Charles Bickford, and Marsha Hunt. AKA: "Thunder Pass." Standard; Soundtrack: English.
The Big Broadcast Of 1938 (1937)/College Swing (1938) [DVD] DVD
All-star comedy/musical finds ocean liner owner W.C. Fields pitting his ship against another vessel in a high-speed race. While on the journey, a host of Paramount stars are spotlighted, including Martha Raye, Dorothy Lamour, Kirsten Flagstad, and Bob Hope (his first feature), who sings his signature tune, the Oscar-winning "Thanks for the Memory." Then, Gracie Allen inherits a small-town school and proceeds to turn it into a hangout for her vaudeville friends. Bob Hope, Martha Raye, Betty Grable and, of course, George Burns are among the students of the "new curriculum." Songs include "I Fall in Love with You Every Day," and "You're a Natural." 177 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: Spanish, French; tr
Hell Town [DVD](1937) DVD
One of the Duke's best "B" vehicles finds John Wayne forming a fast friendship with Johnny Mack Brown after he rescues Brown's livestock. Johnny Mack returns the favor when Wayne gets in over his head at the card table. Marsha Hunt, Monte Blue co-star. AKA: "Born to the West." 60 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English mono. Plays All Regions.
Boris Karloff: Icons Of Horror Collection [DVD] DVD
It's four times the terror from Boris Karloff with this quartet of shockers. First, Boris stars as twin brothers, one good and one evil, under the influence of an ancient curse. The wicked one follows a path of depravity and evil that leads to the secret of "The Black Room" (1935). With Marian Marsh, Robert Allen. Scientist Karloff is executed for his illegal work in organ transplants and suspended animation, only to be revived by his assistant so the two can plot a campaign of revenge, in "The Man They Could Not Hang" (1939). Byron Foulger, Lorna Gray, James Craig co-star. Next, Karloff is a doctor experimenting with ways of arresting the aging process who becomes younger thanks to a blood transfusion, but the blood came from a condemned murderer! Edward Van Sloan and Evelyn Keyes co-star in "Before I Hang" (1940). And, the horror/comedy "The Boogie Man Will Get You" (1942) finds deranged doc Karloff selling his house to a woman who turns it into a hotel, providing endless subjects for Boris' plan to breed a race of superhumans. Peter Lorre and Maxie Rosenbloom co-star. 4 1/2 hrs. total on two discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Blondie, Vol. 1 [DVD] DVD
Chic Young's comic-strip look at married life was brought to the big screen by Columbia in 28 comedies made between 1938 and 1950, with Arthur Lake as bumbling office worker Dagwood Bumstead and Penny Singleton as his ever-patient wife, Blondie. Featured here are the series's first five films: "Blondie" (1938), in which Dagwood loses his job just before the couple's fifth anniversary; "Blondie Meets the Boss" (1939), which finds Dagwood on a fishing trip...and photographed in another woman's arms; "Blondie Takes a Vacation" (1939), where the Bumsteads work to keep a rundown mountain resort open; "Blondie Brings Up Baby" (1939), with Baby Dumpling playing hooky to search for missing family dog Daisy; and "Blondie on a Budget" (1940), in which Dagwood seeks help from an old flame (Rita Hayworth) to buy a fur coat for Blondie. Each full-length film features a brief "teaser" scene before the opening credits. 6 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
The Silver Bullet (1942)/Law And Order [DVD](1940) DVD
First, after he's shot and his father is killed, cowboy Johnny Mack Brown hits the trail to find the culprit. When he does, guns go a-blazin' in "The Silver Bullet," a superior B-western featuring a classic gunfight. Jennifer Holt, Fuzzy Knight also star. Next, Brown has retired as a U.S. marshal, but when a gang kills a townswoman's father he swings back into action to restore "Law and Order." Holt, Knight co-star. 115 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Cafe Hostess [DVD](1940) DVD
A despairing taxi dancer (Ann Dvorak) didn't see any out from her tawdry life of setting up her clients to be rolled by her brutal piano player boyfriend (Douglas Fowley). That was before a sailor (Preston Foster) strolled in, willing to forget her past and help her start over...but her beau has his ways of dealing with guys who cut in. Wynne Gibson, Bruce Bennett, Dorothy Comingore also star. 63 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Winners Of The West [DVD](1940) DVD
The building of a transcontinental railroad is threatened by a prairie land boss who hires renegade Indians to stage raids. Can a two-fisted railway agent get the project back on track? Dick Foran, Anne Nagel star. 13 episodes; 247 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; biographies; filmographies; theatrical trailers.
Kitty Foyle [DVD](1940) DVD
Ginger Rogers won an Oscar (in her first dramatic role) as a Philadelphia working-class woman who marries into a well-to-do Main Line family, but seeks solace with an old flame when the marriage sours. Dennis Morgan, James Craig co-star. 108 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, Spanish, French; bonus shorts "Kitty Foiled" (1948), "Bad Luck Blackie" (1949); radio broadcasts; theatrical trailer.
John Wayne: An American Icon [DVD] DVD
Two-disc set of John Wayne classics leads off with "Seven Sinners" (1940), with Marlene Dietrich as a sexy singer whose stint at a cafe in an exotic South Seas island is marked by intrigue, romance, and the love of Navy lieutenant Wayne. Randolph Scott, James Craig co-star. In "The Shepherd of the Hills" (1941), Wayne is an Ozark Mountain moonshiner who seeks vengeance on his father for abandoning him and his mother years earlier. Wayne, Dietrich and Scott reunite for "Pittsburgh" (1942), a rugged drama about a pair of coal miners whose friendship is ruined when they fall in love with the same woman and take different paths in the coal and steel industry. The sweeping historical spectacle "The Conqueror" (1956) became notorious for its unique casting (1956) became notorious for its unique casting (John Wayne as Mongol leader Genghis Khan, Susan Hayward as a Tartar princess) and for its on-location shooting near atomic test sites in Utah (many working on the film later suffered health problems). And, finally, "Jet Pilot" (1957) is a high-flying Cold War drama with American Air Force colonel Wayne charged with looking after defecting Soviet pilot Janet Leigh. The pair fall in love, but Wayne begins to wonder if Leigh is actually a double agent. 8 1/3 hrs. Standard/Widescreen; Soundtrack: English.
The Devil And Daniel Webster [DVD](1941) DVD
Walter Huston and Edward Arnold take the title roles in Stephen Vincent Benet's "New Englandized" Faust story. A young 19th-century farmer sells his soul to Mr. Scratch for seven years of prosperity, but when the Devil shows up to collect, he hires famed lawyer Webster to get him off the hook. With James Craig, Anne Shirley, Simone Simon. AKA: "All That Money Can Buy." Restored version features scenes missing since the film's original run. 106 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English; audio commentary; photo gallery; essay; video comparison with "preview version."
The Omaha Trail (1942)/The Sombrero Kid [DVD](1942) DVD
"The Omaha Trail" is an action-packed western adventure about a desperate railroad man who needs help to get his trains to Omaha in order to secure a spot on a lucrative westward line. Help is furnished by a stranger who goes up against an unscrupulous wagon train operator. James Craig, Pamela Blake, Edward Ellis, and Kermit Maynard star. Next, Don "Red" Barry plays a man who was adopted by a U.S. marshal when he was young, and after the marshal is later murdered by the town boss, "The Sombrero Kid" swears vengeance. With Lynn Merrick, John James. 115 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.
The Human Comedy (Remastered Edition) [DVD](1943) DVD
This film, adapted from William Saroyan's story, stars Mickey Rooney as a young teen who takes a job to help support his family while his older brother is abroad fighting in World War II. The job entails delivering telegrams to soldiers' families informing them their loved ones have been killed in the line of duty. The sentimental and life-affirming slice of Americana that examines the WWII homefront co-stars Donna Reed, Van Johnson, Frank Morgan, and features a cameo appearance from Robert Mitchum. 117 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
Lost Angel [DVD](1943) DVD
It was just another day on the job when an NYC reporter (James Craig) met his latest interview subject: a six-year-old orphan girl (Margaret O'Brien) raised in isolation to be a genius. He didn't count on his questions about normal childhood spurring the intrigued prodigy into slipping out of the institution and showing up on his doorstep! Comic charmer co-stars Marsha Hunt, Donald Meek, Keenan Wynn. 92 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
The Maisie Collection, Vol. 2 [DVD] DVD
Maisie Ravier (Ann Sothern) forms a stage act with cornpone comic Red Skelton, then has to bail him out when he takes the fall for a con job, in "Maisie Gets Her Man" (1942). Allen Jenkins, Donald Meek co-star. Maisie joins the assembly line at an aircraft plant, and gets into it with roommate Jean Rogers over test pilot James Craig, in "Swing Shift Maisie" (1943). Then, "Maisie Goes to Reno" (1944) in search of a band singer job, and gets caught up in a blackmail scheme. Ava Gardner, John Hodiak, Tom Drake co-star. "Up Goes Maisie" (1946) when she helps inventor George Murphy test his remote-controlled helicopter. Stephen McNally, Hillary Brooke co-star. The last series entry finds "Undercover Maisie" (1947) helping the LAPD break a bunco ring. Barry Nelson, Leon Ames co-star. 7 1/3 hrs total on five discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Kismet [DVD](1944) DVD
Lavish costume drama set in old Baghdad stars Ronald Colman as a wily beggar who poses as a visiting ruler in order to wed his daughter, against her wishes, to a powerful but corrupt vizier. Marlene Dietrich, as the vizier's sexy wife, performs a memorable dance covered in gold body paint; with Edward Arnold, Joy Ann Page, James Craig. 100 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
The Heavenly Body [DVD](1944) DVD
William Powell shines in this romantic comedy as an astronomer whose discovery of a comet causes him to neglect wife Hedy Lamarr (the true heavenly body of the film). When an astrologer tells Lamarr that she will meet her dream man soon, Powell scoffs until handsome air raid warden James Craig arrives. Can he pull his head out of the stars long enough to hold on to his spouse? With Fay Bainter, Henry O'Neill. 95 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Our Vines Have Tender Grapes [DVD](1945) DVD
A bittersweet look at life in a small Wisconsin community, with Edward G. Robinson as a widowed Norwegian-born farmer who is stern but loving with young daughter Margaret O'Brien. The film chronicles a year in the life of their town and its inhabitants, covering all of their uplifting triumphs and devastating tragedies. Agnes Moorehead, James Craig, Frances Gifford also star. 105 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
Dr. Gillespie Movie Collection [DVD] DVD
After Lew Ayres left MGM's "Dr. Kildare" series, Dr. Leonard Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore) welcomed a succession of new interns to Blair General for another half-dozen entries. "Calling Dr. Gillespie" (1942) finds Gillespie partnering with a Dutch psychiatrist (Philip Dorn) to handle a dangerous schizophrenic. Donna Reed co-stars. Young medicos Red Adams (Van Johnson) and Lee Wong How (Keye Luke) vie to become "Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant" (1942). Susan Peters, Richard Quine co-star. A homicidal mental patient committed on Gillespie's recommendation comes looking for payback in "Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case" (1943). Margaret O'Brien co-stars. Gillespie has to make the final call between Red and Lee in "3 Men in White" (1944). Ava Gardner co-stars. Red finds himself "Between Two Women" (1945) as he's chased by a socialite (Marilyn Maxwell) and a chanteuse (Gloria De Haven). "Dark Delusion" (1947) finds Gillespie's last protege (James Craig) in a hopeless romance with a terminally ill woman (Lucille Bremer). 8 2/3 hrs. total on three discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
They Live By Night (1949)/Side Street [DVD](1950) DVD
Director Nicholas Ray's first effort, "They Live by Night," is an expressionistic blend of melodrama and film noir, with Farley Granger and Cathy O'Donnell as two naive young lovers whose entanglement in a web of hardened criminals destines them for tragedy. Based on the novel "Thieves Like Us" by Edward Anderson; with Howard Da Silva, Jay C. Flippen. And, "Side Street" stars Granger as a down-and-out New York mailman with a pregnant wife who steals $30,000 from a pair of blackmailers in an act of impulsive desperation. After his conscience starts to get to him, Granger decides to give the money back but winds up knee deep in danger when the friend he asked to hold the cash disappears. O'Donnell, James Craig also star. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English (SDH), French.
A Lady Without Passport [DVD](1950) DVD
An INS agent (John Hodiak) poses as a Hungarian immigrant in order to infiltrate an illegal alien-smuggling ring in Havana. He engages in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the operation's boss (George Macready) as both men compete for the affections of a beautiful refugee (Hedy Lamarr). James Craig, Steven Geray also star in this noir thriller. 72 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Drums In The Deep South [DVD](1951) DVD
The Civil War is the battleground for emotions and loyalties when a group of West Point comrades find themselves fighting on opposite sides. Guy Madison, Barbara Payton, James Craig star; directed by William Cameron Menzies. 87 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English mono.
Code Two [DVD](1953) DVD
Ralph Meeker tops the cast of this biker-themed police thriller, portraying a cocky recruit in the LAPD nearly booted from training camp before joining the ranks of an elite motorcycle unit. Once empowered by the badge, Meeker and his partners pursue criminals working the black market. Hard-nosed picture mixing film noir and documentary styles co-stars Elaine Stewart, Keenan Wynn, and Robert Horton. 69 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Fort Vengeance [DVD](1953) DVD
With the law at their heels, gambler brothers James Craig and Keith Larsen cross the Montana border into Canada. Their knowledge of the ways of the Sioux quickly find them employment...with the newly formed Mounties. When one sibling betrays his oath--and tries to foment tribal war--the other must stop him at all costs. Colorful oater co-stars Rita Moreno, Reginald Denny, Morris Ankrum. 75 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Darn Good Westerns, Vol. 2 [DVD] DVD
First, Jon Hall is a "Deputy Marshal" (1949) pitted against crooked landgrabbers preying on farmers. With Frances Langford, Russell Hayden. Accused of crimes they didn't commit, brothers Jim Davis, Jim Latimer, and Preston Foster become "Three Desperate Men" (1951) as they fight to clear their names. Monte Blue, Virginia Grey co-star. A gals-only frontier town is the unique setting for trouble when some male visitors arrive in "Outlaw Women" (1952), with Marie and Jackie Coogan. Deputy Sterling Hayden uses a sawed-off "Shotgun" (1955) in his search for a marshal's killer. Yvonne DeCarlo, Zachary Scott also star. Wild West lawmen Dane Clark and James Craig must find out who's been smuggling guns to rampaging Yaqui Indians in order to prevent a "Massacre" (1956). And fugitive Craig needs the help of "Four Fast Guns" (1959)-including his own brother-to clean up the lawless town of Purgatory. Brett Halsey, Martha Vickers, and Edgar Buchanan co-star. 7 3/4 hrs. total on two discs. Standard/Widescreen; Soundtrack: English; interview; theatrical trailers.
While The City Sleeps (Remastered Edition) [DVD](1956) DVD
The death of a media mogul leaves the top three executives of his company battling it out for control, in director Fritz Lang's gritty film noir tale that exposes the seamy underbelly of the news world. The competition boils down to which man will be able to break the story of "The Lipstick Killer," a serial murderer who targets young women. Dana Andrews, Rhonda Fleming, Vincent Price, John Barrymore, Jr., George Sanders, and Ida Lupino star. 99 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
The Cyclops (Remastered Edition) [DVD](1957) DVD
A young American woman (Gloria Talbott) recruits a soldier-of-fortune (James Craig), a daring pilot (Lee Brand), and a wealthy speculator (Lon Chaney, Jr.) in the market for uranium to accompany her on a trek to a remote Mexican valley in search of her missing fiance. But high levels of radioactivity make the region even more dangerous than imagined and the intrepid adventurers must combat giant insects and lizards, as well as a monstrous, mutated, one-eyed man-beast. 66 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend [DVD](1957) DVD
With the Civil War over, an Ex-Union captain (Randolph Scott) decided to stop at his brother's spread on his way west...and arrived to find the aftermath of a lethal Indian attack. Learning that the victims were left defenseless because of tainted gunpowder, the officer looks to settle with the gunrunner who sold it...and you can bet no lawyers were involved. Sagebrush saga co-stars James Garner, Angie Dickinson, James Craig. 87 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
The Doomsday Machine (1967)/Werewolf Of Washington [DVD](1973) DVD
First, in this fascinating sci-fier set in futuristic 1976, a spaceship crew launched from Earth and destined for Venus witnesses the destruction of the planet by "The Doomsday Machine" built by the Red Chinese. In order to find the secret of mankind's future, the crew delves deeper into space. Grant Williams, Henry Wilcoxon, Ruta Lee, Denny Miller, and Bobby Van star. AKA: "Escape from Planet Earth." Next, Watergate politics mix with furry monsters in "Werewolf of Washington," a horror-satire that will make you howl. A monster's loose in the White House, out for the President. Dean Stockwell, Michael Dunn. 173 min. total. Soundtrack: English.
The Devil's Brigade [DVD](1968) DVD
William Holden is a tough, level-headed lieutenant colonel assigned to form a crack unit of fighting men out of a band of misfit American soldiers and a well-trained Canadian unit before they are to face the Nazis on the European battlefield. Action-packed war epic based on fact co-stars Carroll O'Connor, Vince Edwards, Cliff Robertson. 130 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby mono, Spanish mono; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; theatrical trailer.
War: Heroic Battles [DVD] DVD
In "633 Squadron" (1964), Cliff Robertson is a World War II air ace leading a group of British flyers into Norway to bomb a Nazi munitions factory. He's helped by a Norwegian resistance fighter whose sister he eventually falls in love with. George Chakiris, Maria Perschy, and Harry Andrews co-star. Also includes "The Devil's Brigade" and "The Bridge at Remagen."
Fighting Heroes [DVD] DVD
Two-disc set includes "Beachhead," "Run Silent, Run Deep," "Beach Red," "The Devil's Brigade," and "The Bridge at Remagen."
The Revenge Of Dr. X [DVD](1970) DVD
An overworked NASA scientist goes on a trip to Japan and indulges in some botanical experiments that go weirdly awry. Boasts a screenplay written by none other than Edward D. Wood, Jr., abandoning his obsessions with cross-dressing and Bela Lugosi for this modern-day Frankenstein story. James Craig, James Yagi star. AKA: "The Double Garden," "Venus Flytrap." Standard; Soundtrack: English.
Bigfoot [DVD](1970) DVD
A junk trader (John Carradine) hoping to bag everyone's favorite man-monster ventures into the Pacific Northwest, joining forces with the local sheriff and a motorcycle gang trying to rescue two foxy babes abducted by a herd (brood? gaggle?) of shaggy, forest-dwelling creatures. Buxom women, bikers, beasts, and a cast that also includes Joi Lansing, Chris Mitchum, Lyndsay Crosby, and B-western hero Ken Maynard...what more could you want? 84 min. Soundtrack: English.
In The Year 2889 (1966)/Revenge Of The Venus Fly Trap [DVD](1970) DVD
First, a devastating nuclear holocaust "In the Year 2889" leaves two groups of survivors: seven bickering humans, and a large band of telepathic cannibal mutants! The former find themselves stalked by the latter in director Larry Buchanan's unauthorized remake of Roger Corman's "The Day the World Ended." Paul Peterson, Quinn O'Hara, Neil Fletcher star. Next, "based on an Ed Wood screenplay" should be all you need to know "Revenge of the Venus Fly Trap" delivers a special kind of hoot, as a mentally unstable Cape Canaveral scientist's experiments not only drive him mad...but also spawn monstrous plants hungry for human blood! James Craig, James Yagi star. 174 min. total. Soundtrack: English.

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The Tormentors (1971) with Anthony Eisley, Bruce Kimball, and Chris Noel
The Revenge of Dr. X (1970) with James Yagi; screenplay written by Ed Wood
Bigfoot (1970) with John Carradine, John Mitchum, Joi Lansing, Christopher Mitchum, Lindsay Crosby, and Joy Wilkerson
If He Hollers, Let Him Go! (1968) with Dana Wynter, Raymond St. Jacques, Kevin McCarthy, Barbara McNair, Arthur O'Connell, and John Russell
The Devil's Brigade (1968) with William Holden, Cliff Robertson, Vince Edwards, Andrew Prine, Jeremy Slate, Dana Andrews, and Claude Akins
Arizona Bushwhackers (1968) with Howard Keel, Yvonne De Carlo, John Ireland, Marilyn Maxwell, Scott Brady, Brian Donlevy, and Barton MacLane
The Doomsday Machine (1967) with Grant Williams, Henry Wilcoxon, Mala Powers, Ruta Lee, Denny Miller, Bobby Van, and Mike Farrell
Fort Utah (1967) with John Ireland, Virginia Mayo, Scott Brady, John Russell, Richard Arlen, Jim Davis, and Don "Red" Barry
Hostile Guns (1967) with George Montgomery, Yvonne De Carlo, Tab Hunter, Brian Donlevy, John Russell, Leo Gordon, Richard Arlen, and Don "Red" Barry
Four Fast Guns (1960) with Martha Vickers, Edgar Buchanan, and Brett Halsey
Man or Gun (1958) with Macdonald Carey, Audrey Totter, James Gleason, Warren Stevens, and Jil Jarmyn
Ghost Diver (1957) with Audrey Totter
Naked in the Sun (1957) with Lita Milan and Barton MacLane
The Cyclops (1957) with Gloria Talbott and Lon Chaney Jr.
The Persuader (1957) with William Talman, Darryl Hickman, Alvy Moore, and Gregory Walcott
Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend (1957) with Randolph Scott, Angie Dickinson, James Garner, and Myron Healey
The Women of Pitcairn Island (1956) with Lynn Bari, John Smith, and Arleen Whelan
Massacre (1956) with Dane Clark
While the City Sleeps (1956) with Dana Andrews, Rhonda Fleming, George Sanders, Howard Duff, Vincent Price, Sally Forrest, John Drew Barrymore, and Ida Lupino
Last of the Desperados (1955) with Jim Davis, Barton MacLane, Myrna Dell, and Bob Steele
Code Two (1953) with Ralph Meeker, Elaine Stewart, Sally Forrest, Keenan Wynn, Robert Horton, Jeff Richards, and William Campbell
Fort Vengeance (1953) with Rita Moreno, Keith Larsen, Reginald Denny, and Morris Ankrum
Hurricane Smith (1952) with Yvonne De Carlo, John Ireland, Forrest Tucker, Lyle Bettger, and Richard Arlen
Drums in the Deep South (1951) with Barbara Payton, Guy Madison, and Barton MacLane
The Strip (1951) with Mickey Rooney, Sally Forrest, William Demarest, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Rettig, Tommy Farrell, and Myrna Dell
A Lady Without Passport (1950) with Hedy Lamarr, John Hodiak, and George Macready
Side Street (1950) with Farley Granger, Cathy O'Donnell, Paul Kelly, Jean Hagen, Charles McGraw, Adele Jergens, and Whit Bissell
Northwest Stampede (1948) with Joan Leslie, Jack Oakie, and Chill Wills
The Man from Texas (1948) with Lynn Bari, Una Merkel, King Donovan, and Reed Hadley
Dark Delusion (1947) with Lionel Barrymore and Jayne Meadows
Boys' Ranch (1946) with Dorothy Patrick, Ray Collins, and Darryl Hickman
Little Mister Jim (1946) with Frances Gifford, Luana Patten, Spring Byington, Laura La Plante, and Morris Ankrum
She Went to the Races (1945) with Frances Gifford, Ava Gardner, and Edmund Gwenn
Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945) with Edward G. Robinson, Margaret O'Brien, Frances Gifford, and Agnes Moorehead
Dangerous Partners (1945) with Signe Hasso, Edmund Gwenn, and Audrey Totter
Gentle Annie (1944) with Donna Reed, Marjorie Main, Harry Morgan, Barton MacLane, Morris Ankrum, and Noah Beery
Marriage Is a Private Affair (1944) with Lana Turner, John Hodiak, Frances Gifford, Hugh Marlowe, Natalie Schaferm, Keenan Wynn, and Morris Ankrum
Kismet (1944) with Ronald Colman, Marlene Dietrich, and Hugh Herbert
The Human Comedy (1943) with Mickey Rooney, Frank Morgan, Fay Bainter, Ray Collins, Van Johnson, and Donna Reed
The Heavenly Body (1943) with William Powell, Hedy Lamarr, Fay Bainter, Spring Byington, and Morris Ankrum
Lost Angel (1943) with Margaret O'Brien, Marsha Hunt, Philip Merivale, Keenan Wynn, and Alan Napier
Swing Shift Maisie (1943) with Ann Sothern and Jean Rogers
Seven Miles from Alcatraz (1942) with Bonita Granville
Northwest Rangers (1942) with William Lundigan, John Carradine, Jack Holt, Keenan Wynn, Grant Withers, and Darryl Hickman
The Omaha Trail (1942) with Pamela Blake, Dean Jagger, Chill Wills, Harry Morgan, and Morris Ankrum
Friendly Enemies (1942) with Charlie Ruggles, Nancy Kelly, and Otto Kruger
Valley of the Sun (1942) with Lucille Ball, Cedric Hardwicke, Dean Jagger, Billy Gilbert, Tom Tyler, and Antonio Moreno
Unexpected Uncle (1941) with Anne Shirley and Charles Coburn
The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941) with Edward Arnold, Walter Huston, Jane Darwell, Simone Simon, Gene Lockhart, H.B. Warner, and Anne Shirley
Kitty Foyle (1940) with Ginger Rogers and Dennis Morgan
Law and Order (1940) with Johnny Mack Brown, Fuzzy Knight, and Jimmie Dodd
I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now (1940) with Dennis O'Keefe, Constance Moore, Helen Parrish, Laura Hope Crews, Margaret Hamilton, and Tim Ryan
Seven Sinners (1940) with Marlene Dietrich, John Wayne, Albert Dekker, Broderick Crawford, Anna Lee, Mischa Auer, Billy Gilbert, and Herbert Rawlinson
South to Karanga (1940) with Charles Bickford
Winners of the West (1940) with Dick Foran and Anne Nagel; a thirteen-chapter serial
Zanzibar (1940) with Lola Lane
Cafe Hostess (1940) with Preston Foster, Ann Dvorak, Wynne Gibson, Bruce Bennett, and Dorothy Comingore
Scandal Sheet (1940) with Otto Kruger and Ona Munson
The Taming of the West (1939) with Bill Elliott, Iris Meredith, Dick Curtis, and Dub Taylor
Overland with Kit Carson (1939) with Bill Elliott, Iris Meredith, and Dick Curtis
The Man They Could Not Hang (1939) with Boris Karloff, Lorna Gray, Roger Pryor, Don Beddoe, Ann Doran, Byron Foulger, and Dick Curtis
Flying G-Men (1939) with Robert Paige
North of Shanghai (1939) with Betty Furness, Keye Luke, and Morgan Conway
Pride of the West (1938) with William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Russell Hayden, and Glenn Strange
The Big Broadcast of 1938 (1938) with W.C. Fields, Martha Raye, Dorothy Lamour, Bob Hope, Ben Blue, and Leif Erickson
Born to the West (1937) with John Wayne, Marsha Hunt, Johnny Mack Brown, and Monte Blue
Thunder Trail (1937) with Gilbert Roland, Charles Bickford, Marsha Hunt, J. Carrol Naish, and Monte Blue

The ABC Afternoon Playbreak, episode This Child Is Mine, originally aired December 7, 1972
The Virginian, episode Dark Corridor, originally aired November 27, 1968
Custer, episode War Lance and Saber, originally aired October 11, 1967
Daniel Boone, episode The Renegade, originally aired September 28, 1967
Tales of Wells Fargo, episode Vignette of a Sinner, originally aired June 2, 1962
Death Valley Days, episode The Man Everyone Hated, originally aired April 1, 1960
Have Gun - Will Travel, episode Birds of a Feather, originally aired March 8, 1958
Broken Arrow, episode Johnny Flagstaff, originally aired March 19, 1957
The Millionaire, episode The Jane Carr Story, originally aired September 19, 1956
Science Fiction Theatre, episode Dead Reckoning, originally aired September 23, 1955
Studio 57, episode The Westerner, originally aired February 1, 1955
Studio 57, episode Cubs of the Bear, originally aired November 23, 1954
The Ford Television Theatre, episode Wedding March, originally aired April 22, 1954

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