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Nick Adams Nick Adams acted in a number of westerns, crime dramas, and horror films during his too-brief career. Kirk Alyn Kirk Alyn was the first actor to portray Superman onscreen in two Columbia Studios serials.
Keith Andes Keith Andes acted in film noir thrillers and dramas such as Clash By Night and Away All Boats. Dana Andrews Dana Andrews starred in westerns, film noir thrillers, and a smattering of horror flicks from the 1940s through the 1980s.
Richard Arlen Staring out in silent films such as Wings, Richard Arlen worked as an actor for more than 50 years, mostly in B movie programmers and westerns. John Ashley John Ashley starred in beach party films and lots of horror flicks from the 1950s to the 1970s. Afterwards, he turned his efforts to producing films and television shows.
Jean-Pierre Aumont French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont starred in many European and American films during his lengthy career, such as Hilda Crane and Song of Scheherazade. Frankie Avalon Frankie Avalon was one of the biggest stars to successfully switch from a singing career to an acting career. He is best known for his beach party films.
Lex Barker Lex Barker replaced Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan in 1949, and after his stint as the jungle man, he went on to make many European films. Hugh Beaumont Hugh Beaumont, TV's Ward Cleaver, acted in many film noir pictures and starred in PRC's Michael Shayne detective series in the 1940s.
Bruce Bennett Bruce Bennett was a former Olympic gold medalist who starred as Tarzan under his real name, Herman Brix. He later became a fixture in numerous Warner Bros. films. Jacques Bergerac Handsome Jacques Bergerac starred in dramas, comedies, and horror films in the 1950s and 1960s. He's best known for his horror film The Hypnotic Eye.
James Best James Best began his long career as an actor in the early 1950s in westerns and film noir thrillers. Later, he moved into horror films and television, most notably on The Dukes of Hazzard. Turhan Bey Turhan Bey portrayed exotic characters in 1940s escapist films with Maria Montez and also starred in a number of film noir thrillers.
Cal Bolder Cal Bolder starred in the camp classic Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter. Stephen Boyd Best known for his role in Ben-Hur, Stephen Boyd starred in many European low-budget films in the 1960s and 1970s.
Scott Brady Scott Brady was well known for his film noir thrillers and westerns in the 1950s. His career continued through the mid 1980s in a mixture of 'A' and 'B' pictures. Peter Breck Big Valley star Peter Breck acted in a number of low-budget films, including Hootenanny Hoot, The Crawling Hand, and The Beatniks.
Lloyd Bridges Lloyd Bridges worked in films and on television for sixty years but made a big splash as Mike Nelson on the late 1950s TV series Sea Hunt. John Bromfield John Bromfield starred in many low-budget films in the 1950s, including Revenge of the Creature and Hot Cars.
Peter Brown Best know for his western roles, Peter Brown has also tackled beach films and exploitation flicks during his long career. Reb Brown Reb Brown portrayed Captain America in the 1970s, and in the 1980s starred in Yor, the Hunter from the Future.
Samson Burke Samson Burke is best known for his role in The Three Stooges Meet Hercules, and he acted in a number of films later in the 1960s. Edd Byrnes Best known for his role on 77 Sunset Strip, Edd Byrnes has starred in many films during his career, such as Yellowstone Kelly, Beach Ball, and Any Gun Can Play.
Rory Calhoun Rory Calhoun made many 'A' and 'B' films during his lengthy film career. Primarily known for his westerns, Calhoun also acted in dramas and horror flicks. William Campbell Character actor William Campbell starred in westerns, film noir thrillers, and horror films during his lengthy acting career.
Philip Carey Best known for his role on the soap One Life to Live, Philip Carey was a popular character actor from the 1950s to the 1970s. Richard Carlson Richard Carlson starred the 1950s science fiction classics The Maze, It Came From Outer Space, and Creature From the Black Lagoon.
Jeff Chandler Rugged Jeff Chandler acted in many films in the 1950s, including Flame of Araby, Foxfire, and Away All Boats. Dane Clark Actor Dane Clark starred in such film noir staples as Whiplash, Backfire, and Without Honor in the 1940s and 1950s, moving on to a television career in the 1960s.
Ken Clark Ken Clark appeared in a number of low-budget films in the 1950s and 1960s, including Attack of the Giant Leeches and 12 to the Moon. Steve Cochran B-movie bad boy Steve Cochran starred in a number of film noir thrillers in the 1940s and 1950s, including White Heat and The Damned Don't Cry.
Barry Coe Fox contract player Barry Coe acted in such films as Peyton Place before moving on to horror flicks such as Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls. Chuck Connors Best known as the star of the TV series The Rifleman, Chuck Connors starred in many westerns and film noir thrillers.
Mike Connors Best known to fans as TV's Mannix, actor Mike Connors acted in many B movies during the 1950s and 1960s before making the switch to the small screen. Robert Conrad Famous for his TV series The Wild, Wild West, Robert Conrad has acted in several B movies, including Thundering Jets and Young Dillinger.
Gary Conway Model-turned-actor Gary Conway is famous for his roles in I Was a Teenage Frankenstein and TV's Land of the Giants Alex Cord Rugged actor Alex Cord acted in such films as Stagecoach, The Dead Are Alive, and Chosen Survivors in the 1960s and 1970s.
Ray Crash Corrigan Fitness trainer turned actor Ray 'Crash' Corrigan starred in numerous westerns during his lengthy film career, including the 'Three Mesquiteers' series of films in the 1930s. Buster Crabbe Olympic athlete turned actor Buster Crabbe found fame in serials, starring as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. Early in his career, he also portrayed Tarzan.
James Craig Debonair James Craig acted in many A and B films throughout his lengthy career, starring in such flicks as The Devil and Daniel Webster and Kitty Foyle. Robert Cummings Best remembered for his sitcom Love that Bob, actor Robert Cummings starred in many comedy films and film noir thrillers from the 1930s through the 1960s.
Cesare Danova Italian-born actor Cesare Danova livened a number of 1960s and 1970s comedies, including Animal House. Danova also did quite a bit of work in television until his death in 1992. Ray Danton Ray Danton starred in film noir thrillers and gangster films in the 1950s. In the 1960s, he acted in European spy films before becoming a director.
Richard Denning Richard Denning starred in a number of pictures during his lengthy career, including Creature from the Black Lagoon and An Affair to Remember. John Derek Matinee idol John Derek acted in films for nearly 20 yeras before stepping behind the camera as a director.
Bradford Dillman Bradford Dillman starred in such 1970s drive-in classics Guyana: Cult of the Damned, The Swarm, Bug, and Piranha, in addition to his prolific television work. Troy Donahue Teen idol Troy Donahue starred in such 'A' films as A Summer Place and Imitation of Life early in his career. Later, he made B movies including My Blood Runs Cold and The Love Thrill Murders.
Dave Draper Dave Draper appeared exclusively in "A" films such as Don't Make Waves but once hosted a sword and sandal theater show as David the Gladiator. Howard Duff Film noir favorite Howard Duff starred in many B movies and numerous television shows during his long career. He got his start on radio in the 1940s portraying Sam Spade.
Vince Edwards Before tackling the role of Dr. Ben Casey, Vince Edwards played the heavy in many film noir thrillers of the 1950s, including Hit and Run and The Killing. Richard Egan Richard Egan starred in 'A' and 'B' productions during his career, acting in many film noir thrillers such as The Damned Don't Cry and Slaughter on Tenth Avenue.
Anthony Eisley Suave Anthony Eisley starred in the TV series Hawaiian Eye and acted in numerous horror films, including The Wasp Woman and The Mighty Gorga. Ron Ely Ron Ely found instant fame in the role of Tarzan after Mike Henry left the series. Ely is also a noted author and game show host.
John Ericson Heartthrob John Ericson starred in many low-budget films in the 1950s through the 1980s but is best known as Sam Bolt on TV's Honey West. Jeff Fahey Jeff Fahey got his start in daytime dramas until moving on to such horror flicks as Psycho III, The Lawnmower Man, and Planet Terror.
Lou Ferrigno Lou Ferrigno's thirty-plus year career as an actor has yielded two Hercules films and, of course, his series The Incredible Hulk. Eric Fleming Handsome actor Eric Fleming is best known for his role on TV's Rawhide, but he starred in a number of horror and science fiction films in the 1950s.
Sean Flynn Errol Flynn's son Sean Flynn starred in several swashbucklers and westerns in the 1960s. Mark Forest Bodybuilder and physique model Mark Forest starred in many sword and sandal films in the 1960s. Features a separate gallery page.
Fabian Forte Teen idol Fabian Forte has had a long career in films, from his debut in the 1959 film Hound Dog Man through the 1990s. Lance Fuller Lance Fuller acted in such 1950s exploitation drive-in flicks as Runaway Daughters, Girls in Prison, and The Bride and the Beast.
Robert Fuller Robert Fuller starred in such B movies as The Hard Ride and What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? but made a name for himself on television in the series Laramie and Emergency! Ed Fury Ed Fury was a 1950s physique model and actor who is best known for starring in Colossus and the Amazon Queen and several other sword and sandal films.
John Gavin John Gavin starred in several 'A' pictures (Imitation of Life and Psycho) and a host of 'B' movies during his 25-year career. Giuliano Gemma Italian actor Giuliano Gemma has acted in a variety of films since the 1950s, including Goliath and the Sins of Babylon and Hercules Against the Sons of the Sun.
Christopher George Rat Patrol star Christopher George starred in many B movies, and in his final years acted in a number of horror flicks. Farley Granger Farley Granger is known for noir thrillers such as They Lived By Night and The Naked Street, and he made a big splash in the Alfred Hitchcock films Rope and Strangers on a Train.
Peter Graves Handsome actor Peter Graves starred in numerous films and television series during his lengthy career and is best known for his series Mission: Impossible. Jon Hall World War II heartthrob Jon Hall was cast with Maria Montez in Arabian Nights and Cobra Woman. In the 1950s, Hall starred in the TV series Ramar of the Jungle.
Brett Halsey Brett Halsey acted in numerous 1950s and 1960s drive-in flicks, such as High School Hellcats and The Girl in Lovers Lane. Ty Hardin Actor Ty Hardin made a name for himself as Bronco Layne on the series Bronco and went on to star in a number of films in the 1960s.
Mickey Hargitay Mickey Hargitay starred in numerous B movies, including Bloody Pit of Horror and The Loves of Hercules. Brad Harris Brad Harris starred as Samson, Goliath, and Hercules in 1960s peplums. Later, he acted in spy thrillers with Tony Kendall.
Richard Harrison Richard Harrison starred in numerous sword and sandal films in the 1960s. He also acted in a number of spy thrillers and spaghetti westerns. Sterling Hayden Although Sterling Hayden was more interested in his adventures at sea rather than his film career, he starred in many memorable films in the 1940s and 1950s.
Mike Henry Former pro-football player Mike Henry found fame as the last film series Tarzan in the mid-1960s. The Mike Henry page has more than 25 photos, plus a gallery page. Terence Hill Spaghetti western star Terence Hill has acted in many films from the 1950s to today and became a star in the early 1980s with the Trinity series of westerns.
Tim Holt The son of silent screen star Jack Holt, Tim Holt acted in many westerns and dramas from the late 1930s through the early 1950s. William Hopper Perry Mason actor William Hopper acted in a number of low-budget features in the 1930s but became a star in science fiction films in the 1950s.
John Howard Debonair leading man John Howard found fame in Paramount's Bulldog Drummond series of the late 1930s. Rock Hudson While few would consider Rock Hudson a B movie actor, he acted in a number of Universal-International's low-budget films in the early 1950s.
Jeffrey Hunter Handsome 1950s heartthrob Jeffrey Hunter made a number of dramas and westerns during his Hollywood heyday. Tab Hunter Tab Hunter has been making movies for 50 years, including Ride the Wild Surf, Polyester, and Lust in the Dust.
Russell Johnson Russell Johnson ,the professor from Gilligan's Island, starred in many westerns and science fiction films in the 1950s. Aron Kincaid Beach movie actor Aron Kincaid starred in a number of 1960s beach flicks, including The Girls on the Beach and The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini.
Tommy Kirk After his Disney days, Tommy Kirk made many beach party and horror movies, including Pajama Party and It's a Bikini World. Allan Rocky Lane Cowboy Allan 'Rocky' Lane became famous in the 1940s for his many westerns but is also known as the voice of TV's Mr. Ed.
John Phillip Law Remembered for his role as Pygar in Barbarella, John Phillip Law enjoyed a lengthy career in such films as The Love Machine and Space Mutiny. Reg Lewis Mr. America 1963 Reg Lewis got his start in the Mae West Revue and went on to act in several films such as Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules.
Tony Lo Bianco Best known for his films The French Connection and The Seven-Ups, Tony Lo Bianco has acted in a number of B movies, including the cult flick The Honeymoon Killers. John Lupton Western actor John Lupton starred in many films during the 1950s and 1960s but is probably best remembered today for his B movies The Rebel Set and Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter.
Peter Lupus Peter Lupus of Mission: Impossible fame acted in beach movies and sword and sandal films before making it big on the small screen. Guy Madison Guy Madison is best known for starring as Wild Bill Hickok on TV in the 1950s, but he also made many films in the U.S. and Europe.
George Maharis Route 66 star George Maharis acted in such films as The Satan Bug, Quick Before It Melts, and The Happening during the swinging 1960s. Jock Mahoney Former stuntman Jock Mahoney rose to fame in many westerns in the 1950s, and by the 1960s, he had replaced Gordon Scott as Tarzan.
Kerwin Mathews Kerwin Mathews is best known for his roles in the swashbucklers The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, The 3 Worlds of Gulliver, and Jack the Giant Killer. Kevin McCarthy In an acting career that spanned seven decades, Kevin McCarthy's horror films are best remembered today, including Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Howling, and Invitation to Hell.
Doug McClure Doug McClure enjoyed a lengthy career in films from the 1950s through the 1980s, starring in such films as The Lively Set and The Land That Time Forgot. Jody McCrea Jody McCrea spent his early years in westerns, but by the 1960s was starring in beach party films such as Beach Party and Muscle Beach Party.
Joel McCrea The father of Jody McCrea, Joel McCrea was a leading man in 1930s dramas but made the transition to westerns in the 1940s. Ralph Meeker Movie tough guy Ralph Meeker acted in a number of crime dramas and is best known for his starring role in the noir thriller Kiss Me Deadly.
Denny Miller Former UCLA basketball star Denny Miller was discovered for films while working a summer job as a furniture mover. Just months later, he was starring in Tarzan, the Ape Man. Martin Milner Before his success on Adam-12, Martin Milner enjoyed a film career in such movies as 13 Ghosts, The Private Lives of Adam and Eve, and Compulsion.
Cameron Mitchell Cameron Mitchell starred in many westerns, dramas, and crime dramas, and toward the end of his career acted in numerous horror films, such as Nightmare in Wax and The Toolbox Murders. Gordon Mitchell Gordon Mitchell acted in more than 200 films during his career but is best known for his sword and sandal films and spaghetti westerns.
Ricardo Montalban Best known for his role as Mr. Roarke on TV's Fantasy Island, dashing Ricardo Montalban starred in movies from the 1940s through the 1980s. George Montgomery George Montgomery starred in many westerns from the 1930s through the 1960s. Later in his career, he wrote, produced, and directed his own films, including Samar (1962).
Kieron Moore Irish actor Kieron Moore starred in a number of horror films in the 1950s and 1960s, including The Day of the Triffids. Glenn Morris The acting career of Glenn Morris was very short-lived, but he did star as Tarzan, in the 1938 film Tarzan's Revenge.
Kirk Morris Italian actor Kirk Morris starred in many sword and sandal films in the early 1960s, including Colossus and the Headhunters. George Nader George Nader decorated many films in the 1950s and 1960s, including the 3-D flick Robot Monster and The Human Duplicators.
Tom Neal Tom Neal played the antihero in low-budget cult film noir greats such as Detour and Radar Secret Service. Serge Nubret Famed bodybuilder Serge Nubret acted in several films from the 1960s through the 1980s.
Hugh O'Brian Western actor Hugh O'Brian is best known for portraying Wyatt Earp on the long-running TV series of the same name, but he also made many films from the 1950s through the 1970s. George O'Brien Popular silent film actor George O'Brien turned to western films in the 1930s.
Miles O'Keeffe Miles O'Keeffe starred as Tarzan in the 1981 John Derek film Tarzan, the Ape Man with Bo Derek. Since then, he has acted in more than 30 films. Reg Park Competitive bodybuilder-turned actor Reg Park starred in several sword and sandal films, including Hercules and the Captive Women.
John Payne Actor John Payne was a popular leading man in many 1940s musicals, and in the 1950s starred in westerns and film noir classics. Nat Pendleton Wrestler-turned actor Nat Pendleton served as comedic foil in a number of films in the 1930s and 1940s.
Aldo Ray Aldo Ray starred in a number of war dramas and film noir thrillers. Later in his career, he acted in many horror films. Rex Reason Rex Reason is best remembered for his role as Dr. Cal Meacham in the sci-fi classic This Island Earth. He also acted in a number of dramas and westerns during his career.
George Reeves George Reeves, the Man of Steel, has his own page at the Drive-In. Before portraying Superman, Reeves acted in many 'B' films and had roles in a few 'A' pictures. Steve Reeves The original Hercules actor, Steve Reeves acted in many sword and sandal films from 1958 to 1964.
Peter Mark Richman TV and film star Peter Mark Richman acted in a number of films in the 1950s and 1960s, including For Singles Only, Dark Intruder and Agent for H.A.R.M. and is still at work today. Kane Richmond Serial star Kane Richmond acted in numerous 1930s and 1940s serials, including Spy Smasher, Haunted Harbor, Jungle Raiders, and Brenda Starr, Reporter.
Jorge Rivero Jorge Rivero has acted in films since the 1960s, including The Sin of Adam and Eve, Rio Lobo, and Werewolf. Rivero has also produced a number of films. Joe Robinson British actor and stuntman Joe Robinson acted in a number of films in the 1950s and 1960s, including Taur the Mighty, but his biggest role came as James Bond's foe in Diamonds Are Forever.
Gilbert Roland Latin lover Gilbert Roland maintained his well-deserved status as heartthrob from the 1920s through the 1960s in such films as Camille, The Gay Cavalier, and Underwater!. John Russell John Russell starred in many westerns and film noir thrillers during his lengthy acting career.
John Saxon John Saxon first became famous in teen-angst dramas such as Rock, Pretty Baby and Summer Love. Later, Saxon moved on to westerns and crime dramas. Arnold Schwarzenegger International star Arnold Schwarzenegger got his start in the low-budget 1970 film Hercules in New York.
Gordon Scott Gordon Scott was cast as the eleventh Tarzan and later went on to a successful career in sword and sandal movies. Visit the Zachary Scott page at Brian's Drive-In Theater Zachary Scott starred in many of Warner Bros. film noir thrillers in the 1940s, including Flamingo Road and Mildred Pierce.
William Smith William Smith has made dozens of films during his 50+ year career; he's best known for his westerns and biker films. Charles Starrett Charles Starrett toiled in a variety of film genres in early 1930s Hollywood before making his mark in B westerns.
Alan Steel Alan Steel made his mark in Italian sword and sandal films, starring in Hercules Against the Moon Men. Woody Strode Woody Strode acted in adventure films and westerns from the 1950s through the 1990 in such films as The Professionals and Sergeant Rutledge.
Don Stroud Don Stroud has acted in many 'A' and 'B' films in the past 30 yearss, including Coogan's Bluff, Bloody Mama, and Death Weekend. Marshall Thompson Marshall Thompson started out as a juvenile lead in 1940s MGM productions. By the 1950s, he was starring in war and horror flicks, and in the 1960s he had a hit TV show, Daktari.
Tom Tryon Actor-turned-writer Tom Tryon starred in dramas, westerns, horror films, and a few comedies during his film career, which spanned the 1950s and 1960s. He's best known for his role in I Married a Monster From Outer Space. Tom Tyler Like many other western actors, Tom Tyler also did double-duty as an action hero. Tyler starred as Captain Marvel and The Phantom in two 1940s serials.
Dan Vadis Dan Vadis made his mark on a number of sword and sandal films in the 1960s, and in the 1970s became a familiar face in Clint Eastwood's films. Jan-Michael Vincent A heartthrob from the 1970s, Jan-Michael Vincent starred in many action pictures, including White Line Fever and Damnation Alley.
Clint Walker Beefy Clint Walker has appeared in numerous westerns and comedies during his career and is best known for his TV series Cheyenne. John Wayne Rugged John Wayne acted in scores of B movies for a decade before hitting it big in Stagecoach.
Johnny Weissmuller Olympic gold medalist Johnny Weissmuller made the transition from athlete to actor in MGM's Tarzan series of films. Adam West Batman star Adam West has headlined numerous B movies from the early 1960s to today. Some of his best B's include The Outlaws is Coming and Robinson Crusoe on Mars.
Stuart Whitman Actor Stuart Whitman has starred in numerous films throughout his five-decade career, including many B movies such as Night of the Lepus and The Monster Club. Cornel Wilde Cornel Wilde acted in swashbucklers and adventure films from the 1940s through the 1970s, such as Hot Blood and The Naked Prey.
Bill Williams Western actor Bill Williams is most famous for his Kit Carson TV role but acted in many western films during his lengthy career. Grant Williams Handsome Grant Williams appeared in a number of cult classic horror films in the 1950s, including The Incredible Shrinking Man and The Leech Woman.
Guy Williams Dashing Guy Williams is best known for his TV series Zorro and Lost in Space, but Williams acted in a number of films in the 1950s and early 1960s. Van Williams Surfside 6 hunk Van Williams acted in many television programs and several films from the late 1950s through the late 1970s. He's best known for his role in The Green Hornet.
Fred Williamson Handsome football player-turned-actor Fred Williamson has been starring in action flicks for the past forty years and is best known for the blaxploitation classics Hammer, Hell Up in Harlem, and Black Caesar.

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