Born Conrad Robert Falk (some sources cite his name as Konrad Robert Falkowski) in Chicago on March 1, 1935, actor Robert Conrad majored in theater at Northwestern University. He married his first wife, Joan, in 1952; the couple eventually had five children together. In order to support his family, he was employed as a dock worker and a milkman for a period. In addition to acting, Conrad also had a great interest in music, appearing on several local Chicago programs as a singer in the 1950s. In the early 1960s, Conrad released a few singles, and Warner Bros. released a soundtrack album from his TV series Hawaiian Eye that featured songs by Connie Stevens, Robert Conrad, and Poncie Ponce.

Robert ConradRobert Conrad

Beefcake photos of Robert Conrad. You'll find more beefcake photos of Robert Conrad in the Robert Conrad Gallery

By the late 1950s, Robert Conrad's acting career was underway, thanks to a helping hand from his friend, actor Nick Adams. Conrad's first film appearance came in the 1958 20th-Century Fox release Thundering Jets starring Rex Reason. In 1959, Conrad signed with Warner Bros., and the studio gave him a plum role in its popular series Hawaiian Eye, which also featured Anthony Eisley, Connie Stevens, Troy Donahue, and Grant Williams. This 1959-1963 TV series was a spin-off of the 1958-1964 series 77 Sunset Strip. Filmed in Burbank, Hawaiian Eye proved to be a popular show, lasting four seasons on ABC. Conrad portrayed Tom Lopaka, a detective with a office by the pool of the Hawaiian Village Hotel. His partner was Tracy Steele (Anthony Eisley), and in later seasons detectives Greg MacKenzie (Grant Williams) and Philip Barton (Troy Donahue) were added to the cast.

While under contract to Warner Bros., Robert Conrad acted in two films made by the studio: The Commies Are Coming, the Commies Are Coming (1962), directed by Jack Webb; and Palm Springs Weekend (1963; with Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, and Ty Hardin). When Conrad's contract with Warner Bros. lapsed, the actor then took few roles in B movies, including The New Cinderella (1964) and Young Dillinger (1965). But his next role would be the one for which he is best remembered---as Jim West in the cutting-edge action/western CBS-TV series The Wild, Wild West. This role proved difficult for Robert Conrad to nail down. Originally, Rory Calhoun was to portray Jim West but backed out of the role. Also, John Derek auditioned and nearly got the part, but producers chose Robert Conrad, in part because he most often did his own stunts. As a result he was injured several times on the set. During the shooting of one episode, he slipped while performing a stunt and fell head first onto a concrete floor twelve feet below. Conrad was seriously injured, delaying production on the series for nearly three months.

the films of robert conrad

Hawaiian Eye (1959-1963 ABC TV Series)

Robert ConradRobert ConradRobert ConradRobert ConradRobert Conrad

Images from the 1959-1963 series Hawaiian Eye. The left photo features Conrad in the back seat with Anthony Eisley, Connie Stevens, and Poncie Ponce

Palm Springs Weekend (1963)

Ty Hardin and Robert ConradRobert Conrad and Connie Stevens

LEFT: Ty Hardin gets the better of spoiled rich kid Robert Conrad in the Warner Bros. flick Palm Springs Weekend. RIGHT: With Connie Stevens

Young Dillinger (1965)

Nick Adams, Robert Conrad, and John AshleyHelen Stephens, Dan Terranova, Beverly Powers, Robert Conrad, Nick Adams, Mary Ann Mobley, John Ashley, and Joy Harmon

Images from the Allied Artists release Young Dillinger. LEFT: With Nick Adams as John Dillinger, Robert Conrad as Pretty Boy Floyd, and John Ashley as Baby Face Nelson. RIGHT: With Helen Stephens, Dan Terranova, Beverly Powers, Nick Adams, Mary Ann Mobley, John Ashley, and Joy Harmon

The Wild, Wild West (1965-1969 CBS TV Series)

Robert Conrad and Ross MartinRobert Conrad and Ross MartinRobert Conrad as Jim WestRobert Conrad as Jim WestRobert Conrad as Jim West

LEFT and CENTER A: Conrad as Jim West with co-star Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon in The Wild, Wild West. Martin passed away in 1981. CENTER B, C, and RIGHT: Conrad as Jim West, an undercover agent for President Grant's administration

Adventures of Nick Carter (1972)

Shelley Winters and Robert Conrad

From the ABC TV thriller Adventures of Nick Carter with Shelley Winters

Live a Little, Steal a Lot (1975)

Robert Conrad and Don StroudRobert Conrad and Don StroudDon Stroud, Robert Conrad, and Donna Mills

LEFT and CENTER: With Don Stroud. RIGHT: With Don Stroud and Donna Mills

Baa Baa Black Sheep (1976-1978 NBC TV Series)

Robert ConradRobert Conrad

From Baa Baa Black Sheep

Wrong Is Right (1982)

Robert Conrad

Conrad as General Wombat in Columbia's Wrong Is Right

Jesse Hawkes (1989 TV Series)

Shane Conrad, Robert Conrad, and Christian Conrad

Conrad as Jesse Hawkes with his sons Shane Conrad (left) and Christian Conrad (right) as co-stars

later years

Robert Conrad's series Baa Baa Black Sheep premiered on NBC in September 1976. While the series had many fans, it was in a difficult time slot, and NBC cancelled the series in 1977. However, NBC revived the series that same year after many of the network's new programs were pulled due to poor ratings. In 1978, Conrad was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance on Baa Baa Black Sheep, but NBC decided once again to cancel the series. Conrad also starred in the TV series Jesse Hawkes, High Mountain Rangers, and A Man Called Sloane.

Robert Conrad retired from acting following a debilitating car accident in March 2003 and underwent grueling physical therapy and several surgeries. He has mostly recovered from the accident and hosted a talk radio show on CRN Digital Talk Radio titled The Wild, Wild PM Show. Sadly, Robert Conrad passed away on February 8, 2020 at the age of 84. He is survived by his children and grandchildren.

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Dead Above Ground (2002) with Antonio Sabato Jr.
New Jersey Turnpikes (1999) with Kelsey Grammer, Susan Anton, and Jim Brown
Jingle All the Way (1996) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad, Phil Hartman, and Martin Mull
Search and Rescue (1994) with Dee Wallace-Stone, Chad McQueen, and Wil Shriner
Two Fathers: Justice for the Innocent (1994) with George Hamilton and Bo Kaprall
Samurai Cowboy (1993) with Catherine Mary Stewart and Conchata Ferrell
Sworn to Vengeance (1993) with William McNamara, Sharon Farrell, and Peter Breck
Mario and the Mob (1992) with Ann Jillian and Bo Kaprall
Anything to Survive (1990) with Matt LeBlanc
Glory Days (1988)
Police Story: Gladiator School (1988) with Ed O'Neill and Benjamin Bratt
High Mountain Rangers (1987) with Christian Conrad and Shane Conrad
One Police Plaza (1986)
Charley Hannah (1986) with Christian Conrad and Shane Conrad
Assassin (1986)
The Fifth Missile (1986) with Sam Waterston, Richard Roundtree, Yvette Mimieux, and David Soul
Two Fathers' Justice (1985) with George Hamilton and Bo Kaprall
Moving Violations (1985) with John Murray, Jennifer Tilly, James Keach, Wendie Jo Sperber, Fred Willard, and Sally Kellerman
Hard Knox (1984) with Reb Brown
Confessions of a Married Man (1983)
Wrong Is Right (1982) with Sean Connery, George Grizzard, Katharine Ross, and John Saxon
Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy (1982)
Coach of the Year (1980) with Erin Gray
More Wild Wild West (1980) with Ross Martin, Jonathan Winters, Harry Morgan, Rene Auberjonois, and Victor Buono
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (1979) with Ted Bessell, Jeff Conaway, Billy Crystal, Bonnie Franklin, and Bridget Hanley
The Lady in Red (1979) with Pamela Sue Martin, Louise Fletcher, Christopher Lloyd, Dick Miller, and Nancy Parsons
The Wild Wild West Revisited (1979) with Ross Martin, Paul Williams, Harry Morgan, and Rene Auberjonois
Baa Baa, Black Sheep (1976) with Simon Oakland, Dana Elcar, Robert Ginty, Dirk Blocker, John Larroquette, and Sharon Gless
Smash-Up on Interstate 5 (1976) with Buddy Ebsen, Vera Miles, Terry Moore, Herb Edelman, Harriet Nelson, Tommy Lee Jones, and Donna Mills
Live A Little, Steal A Lot (1975) with Don Stroud and Donna Mills
Sudden Death (1975) with John Ashley and Don Stroud
The Last Day (1975) with Richard Widmark, Barbara Rush, Richard Jaeckel, and Tim Matheson
Adventures of Nick Carter (1972) with Shelley Winters, Pernell Roberts, and Jaye P. Morgan
Five Desperate Women (1971) with Bradford Dillman and Stefanie Powers
D.A.: Conspiracy to Kill (1970) with William Conrad, Leslie Parrish, and Don Stroud
Weekend of Terror (1970) with Carol Lynley and Lee Majors
D.A.: Murder One (1969) with Diane Baker, Howard Duff, and Scott Brady
The Bandits (1967) with Jan Michael Vincent; directed by Robert Conrad
Ven a cantar conmigo (1966)
Young Dillinger (1965) with Nick Adams, John Ashley, Joy Harmon, and Beverly Hills
The New Cinderella (1964) with Fernando Rey
Palm Springs Weekend (1963) with Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, and Ty Hardin
Red Nightmare (1962) with Peter Brown, Jack Webb, Jack Kelly, Jeanne Cooper, and Peter Breck
Thundering Jets (1958) with Rex Reason, Dick Foran, Audrey Dalton, Barry Coe, Sid Melton, and Gregg Palmer

High Sierra Search and Rescue, 1995 NBC TV series. Conrad portrayed Tooter Campbell
Jesse Hawkes, series aired 1989
High Mountain Rangers, series aired 1988
A Man Called Sloane, 1979-1980 NBC TV series. Conrad portrayed Thomas Remington Sloane
The Duke, 1979 NBC TV series. Conrad portrayed Duke Ramsey
Centennial, 1978 NBC miniseries. Conrad portrayed Pasquinel
Baa Baa Black Sheep, 1976-1978 NBC TV series. Conrad portrayed Major Greg 'Pappy' Boyington
Assignment Vienna, 1972 ABC TV series. Conrad portrayed Jake Webster
The D.A., 1971-1972 NBC TV series
The Wild, Wild West, 1965-1969 CBS TV series. Conrad portrayed James T. West
Hawaiian Eye, 1959-1963 ABC TV series. Conrad portrayed Tom Lopaka

Nash Bridges, episode Heist, originally aired March 31, 2000
J.J. Starbuck, episode A Killing in the Market, originally aired September 29, 1987
Mission: Impossible, episode Break!, originally aired September 16, 1972
Adam-12, episode The Radical, originally aired October 6, 1971
Mission: Impossible, episode The Killer, originally aired September 19, 1970
Mannix, episode The Playground, originally aired October 18, 1969
Mission: Impossible, episode The Contender: Parts 1 and 2, originally aired October 6 and 13, 1968
Kraft Suspense Theatre, episode Four into Zero, originally aired February 18, 1965
Temple Houston, episode The Town That Trespassed, originally aired March 26, 1964
77 Sunset Strip, episode Shadow on Your Shoulder, originally aired December 7, 1962
The Gallant Men, episode And Cain Cried Out, originally aired October 19, 1962
77 Sunset Strip, episode Who Killed Cock Robin, originally aired February 5, 1960
Lock Up, episode The Harry Connors Story, originally aired October 3, 1959
77 Sunset Strip, episode Only Zeroes Count, originally aired October 2, 1959
The Man and the Challenge, episode Maximum Capacity, originally aired September 19, 1959
Sea Hunt, episode Water Ski Show, originally aired May 31, 1959
Colt .45, episode Amnesty, originally aired May 24, 1959
Lawman, episode Battle Scar, originally aired March 22, 1959
Highway Patrol, episode Revenge, originally aired March 9, 1959
Maverick, episode Yellow River, originally aired February 8, 1959
Sea Hunt, episode The Stunt, originally aired February 8, 1959

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