Born Joan Olander in a small farming community in South Dakota on February 6, 1931, Mamie Van Doren's family relocated to California in the early 1940s. While in her teens, Van Doren entered a few beauty contests and did a bit of modeling. After working as a band singer, Van Doren landed a contract with Universal-International in 1953.

In August 1955, Van Doren married handsome bandleader Ray Anthony, and the couple had a son, Perry, born in 1956. That same year, Van Doren left Universal. The studio had never given her the breakthrough role she deserved, so she freelanced in films produced by a variety of studios, including Warner Bros. and MGM. Although she snagged roles in a few memorable "A" films such as Teacher's Pet (1958; with Doris Day and Clark Gable), "B" films allowed Van Doren to shine in highly dimensional roles that showcased her acting and singing talents. Of the three blonde bombshells of the 1950s (Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Mamie Van Doren), Van Doren had perhaps the widest acting range, excelling at playing bad girls. Perhaps her best-known film is the campy Warner Bros. release Untamed Youth (1957; with Lori Nelson and John Russell). In the late 1950s, Van Doren starred in a string of drive-in quickies and sexploitation films. Producer Albert Zugsmith featured her in seven films, including The Beat Generation (1959; with Steve Cochran, Fay Spain, and Ray Danton), The Big Operator (1959; with Mickey Rooney and Steve Cochran), and in Sex Kittens Go to College (1960; with Tuesday Weld and Martin Milner).

the films of mamie van doren

All American (1953)

Mamie Van DorenTony Curtis and Mamie Van DorenRichard Long and Mamie Van Doren

From All American. LEFT: Beautiful still of Mamie Van Doren. CENTER: With Tony Curtis. RIGHT: With Richard Long

Yankee Pasha (1954)

Mamie Van Doren

Campy promotional photo from Universal's Yankee Pasha

Ain't Misbehavin' (1955)

Mamie Van Doren

From Ain't Misbehavin'

Star in the Dust (1956)

Mamie Van Doren and Leif Erickson

From the Universal-International westsern Star in the Dust with Leif Erickson

The Girl in Black Stockings (1957)

Mamie Van Doren, Lex Barker, Anne Bancroft, and Marie Windsor

With Lex Barker, Anne Bancroft, and Marie Windsor in the film noir serial killer thriller The Girl in Black Stockings

Untamed Youth (1957) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

Mamie Van Doren

Publicity photo from Untamed Youth

Born Reckless (1958)

Mamie Van Doren

Van Doren sings a number in the Warner Bros. western Born Reckless

High School Confidental! (1958) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

Mamie Van DorenMamie Van Doren and Russ Tamblyn

LEFT: From the B-movie-star-studded MGM release High School Confidential! RIGHT: With Russ Tamblyn

Teacher's Pet (1958) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

Mamie Van Doren and Clark Gable

From Paramount's romantic comedy Teacher's Pet with Clark Gable

The Big Operator (1959) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

Steve Cochran, Mamie Van Doren, and Mel Torme

From The Big Operator with Steve Cochran and Mel Torme

Girls Town (1959)

Norman Grabowski, Mamie Van Doren, Dick Contino, and Mel TormeMamie Van Doren

From Albert Zugsmith's teen torment flick Girls Town, released by MGM. LEFT: With Norman Grabowski, Dick Contino, and Mel Torme. RIGHT: As Silver Morgan, Mamie leaves Girls Town at the end of the picture

Guns, Girls, and Gangsters (1959)

Mamie Van DorenMamie Van Doren and Gerald Mohr

As the troubled Vi Victor in Guns, Girls, and Gangsters. The photo on the right also features Gerald Mohr

College Confidential (1960)

Mamie Van DorenJayne Meadows, Steve Allen, and Mamie Van Doren

LEFT: Promotional shot from College Confidential. RIGHT: Professor Steve Allen gets an eyeful of coed Mamie Van Doren while Jayne Meadows looks on

The Private Lives of Adam and Eve (1960)

Mamie Van Doren and Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney as the Devil oogles Mamie Van Doren in Albert Zugsmith's comedy The Private Lives of Adam and Eve, released by Universal-International

Sex Kittens Go to College (1960) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

Mamie Van DorenTuesday Weld and Mamie Van DorenMamie Van Doren, Norman Grabowski, and Martin Milner

From Albert Zugsmith's comedy Sex Kittens Go to College, released by Allied Artists. LEFT: Van Doren as Dr. Mathilda West. CENTER: With Tuesday Weld. RIGHT: With Norman Grabowski and Martin Milner

3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt (1964) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

Tommy Noonan, Ziva Rodann, and Mamie Van Doren

With Tommy Noonan and Ziva Rodann in the low-budget comedy 3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt, a film which was directed by Tommy Noonan

The Navy vs. the Night Monsters (1966) Get It Here at Movies Unlimited

Anthony Eisley, Walter Sande, Mamie Van Doren, and Edward FaulknerAnthony Eisley, Phillip Terry, Mamie Van Doren, and Edward Faulkner

The low-budget science fiction flick The Navy vs. the Night Monsters sports an impressive cast. LEFT: With Anthony Eisley, Walter Sande, and Edward Faulkner. RIGHT: With Anthony Eisley, Phillip Terry, and Edward Faulkner

mamie van doren today

While Van Doren's film career was in high gear in the 1950s, the 1960s would not be so promising. Her marriage to Ray Anthony dissolved in March 1960. The death of Mamie Van Doren's friend and rival, Marilyn Monroe, on August 5, 1962, signaled the end of the blonde bombshell era. Van Doren's film career began to suffer, much like that of Jayne Mansfield. Nonetheless, of the three Hollywood blond bombshells---Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Mamie Van Doren---only Van Doren has survived, because she didn't travel down the same road to destruction. By the mid 1960s, Mamie Van Doren was no longer playing bad girls, as those roles had vanished with the onset of the sexual revolution in the US. Afterward, roles then offered to her were not worthy of her talents, for the most part. Although her film career hit the skids, Van Doren remained very active in show business, with a nightclub act, a tour of Vietnam, and dozens of pictorials in men's magazines of the era.

Bo Belinsky

Van Doren had an off-again, on-again relationship with baseball pitcher Bo Belinsky, who acted in the low-budget flick C'mon, Let's Live a Little. The couple were engaged in 1963 but never married. Belinsky passed away in November 2001

In the 1980s, Van Doren renewed her career, taking on acting roles and hosting a videotape series for Rhino Home Video called Teenage Theater. In 1987 she published her autobiography, Playing the Field, an entertaining and highly recommended read. In the text she pulls no punches and even rates her lovers, including Warren Beatty, Steve Cochran, Eddie Fisher, Rock Hudson (!), Steve McQueen, Joe Namath, Burt Reynolds, and Johnny Rivers, to name a few. Unfortunately, Playing the Field is currently out of print. She has been married for more than 30 years to her current husband. Today, she's making waves with her fun and scandalous official web site. And she still looks terrific today.

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Mamie Van DorenMamie Van DorenMamie Van DorenMamie Van DorenMamie Van Doren

Mamie Van DorenMamie Van DorenMamie Van DorenMamie Van Doren

Mamie Van DorenMamie Van DorenMamie Van DorenMamie Van DorenMamie Van Doren

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The Best Of The Ray Anthony Show [DVD] DVD
Bandleader Ray Anthony's syndicated variety show ran during the mid-1950s. Here Ray welcomes Molly Bee, The King Sisters, Dick Contino, The Belvederes, and Mamie Van Doren (singing!), plus a tribute to "Around the World in 80 Days," a George Gershwin salute, and the sounds of Christmas. 134 min on two discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

Francis The Talking Mule Complete Collection [DVD] DVD
Francis (voiced by Chill Wills) tags along when pal Peter Stirling (Donald O'Connor) gets pressed back into service, and has a horselaugh when he's erroneously assigned to an all-women's base, in "Francis Joins the WACS" (1954). Julia Adams, Mamie Van Doren, ZaSu Pitts co-star. Peter (O'Connor) has to set sail for Coronado when Francis is about to be sold as surplus in "Francis in the Navy" (1955). Martha Hyer, Jim Backus co-star; keep an eye out for a young Clint Eastwood. In the final series entry, Francis gets a new human sidekick (Mickey Rooney), a new voice (Paul Frees), and some spooky murders to solve, in "Francis in the Haunted House" (1956). Virginia Welles, David Janssen co-star. Three-disc set also includes "Francis the Talking Mule," "Francis Goes To The Races," "Francis Goes To West Point," and "Francis Covers The Big Town." 10 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English (SDH), Spanish, French.
The Girl In Black Stockings [DVD](1957) DVD
The murder of a beautiful actress turns everyone at an upscale Utah resort into a suspect in this taut whodunit. With more dead bodies beginning to turn up, the list of potential killers includes the hotel's quadriplegic owner, his doting sister, a lawyer from Los Angeles, and a runaway bride. Lex Barker, Anne Bancroft, Mamie Van Doren, Ron Randell, Marie Windsor star. AKA: "Black Stockings," "Wanton Murder." 73 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.
Untamed Youth [DVD](1957) DVD
Shining "a searing spotlight on teen-age cons in a House of Correction!," this drive-in classic stars Mamie Van Doren and Lori Nelson as young runaway sisters who get picked up for hitchhiking and are sent to a prison farm that uses the female inmates as slave labor for a local businessman's cotton-picking operation. With John Russell, Don Burnett, and '50s rocker Eddie Cochran, who sings "Cottonpicker." 80 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
High School Confidential! (Remastered Edition) [Blu-ray](1958)
This teen exploitation classic stars Russ Tamblyn as an undercover cop posing as a student, out to uncover drug dealer "Mr. A." Sex kitten Mamie Van Doren and Jerry Lee Lewis are joined by Jackie Coogan and a young Michael Landon in a school that is a teacher's nightmare! Produced by B-movie mogul Albert Zugsmith. 85 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.
High School Confidential! (Remastered Edition) [DVD](1958) DVD
This teen exploitation classic stars Russ Tamblyn as an undercover cop posing as a student, out to uncover drug dealer "Mr. A." Sex kitten Mamie Van Doren and Jerry Lee Lewis are joined by Jackie Coogan and a young Michael Landon in a school that is a teacher's nightmare! Produced by B-movie mogul Albert Zugsmith. 85 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.
Teacher's Pet [DVD](1958) DVD
An old-school newspaper editor (Clark Gable) who learned his trade on the fly haughtily shoots down an invitation to lecture college journalism students. When he surreptitiously learns that the professor he snubbed is an attractive woman (Doris Day), he enrolls in her class to get to know her--and maybe his craft--a little better. Spry romantic farce scripted by Fay and Michael Kanin co-stars Gig Young, Mamie Van Doren, Nick Adams, Marion Ross. 120 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
The Big Operator (Remastered Edition) [Blu-ray](1959)
Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
The Big Operator (Remastered Edition) [DVD](1959) DVD
When the feds turn their scrutiny towards powerful and entrenched union boss Little Joe Braun (Mickey Rooney), a rank-and-file laborer (Steve Cochrane) takes the moment to start a drive for his ouster. Little Joe likes the status quo just fine, however...and he doesn't care how he silences the opposition. Gritty effort co-stars Mamie Van Doren, Mel Torme, Jackie Coogan, Jim Backus, and Vampira. 90 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Sex Kittens Go To College [DVD](1960) DVD
Deadlocked in trying to find the ideal new head for their science department, a university turns to an "electronic brain" to select the perfect hire. No one's prepared when the job goes to multi-degreed, part-time exotic dancer Mamie Van Doren! Drive-in staple from Albert Zugsmith co-stars Tuesday Weld, Mijanou Bardot, Vampira, Jackie Coogan, John Carradine, and Conway Twitty as himself. International cut; 103 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Vice Raid [DVD](1960) DVD
When dutiful vice cop Richard Coogan proves a little too diligent on the job, besieged mob boss Brad Dexter imports just the talent for the perfect frame-up: high-end call girl Mamie Van Doren. While she succeeds in disgracing the detective, he's not about to quit...and she starts having her own doubts about her seedy employer. 71 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
The Candidate (1964)/Johnny Gunman [DVD](1957) DVD
Sin, scandal, and sex are all in a day's work for "The Candidate" in a wild and sordid political drama that stars Ted Knight as an up-and-coming office-seeker and transatlantic bombshells Mamie Van Doren and June Wilkinson as the pleasure-seeking sirens caught up in Washington intrigue. AKA: "The Party Girls and the Candidate." Next, a would-be writer's plans to return home from New York change after she has a coffee shop encounter with "Johnny Gunman," a charismatic hood about to enter a deadly war with his cousin for control of the local crime gang. Martin Brooks and Ann Donaldson star in this compelling, noir-flavored thriller. 143 min. total. Standard/Widescreen; Soundtrack: English.
3 Nuts In Search Of A Bolt [DVD](1964) DVD
The "nuts" are a trio of neurotics who try to save money by sending an actor friend of theirs to a psychiatrist and having him act out the threesome's problems. Wacky comedy stars Mamie Van Doren, Tommy Noonan, Paul Gilbert, Alvy Moore; features Mamie's famous "beer bath" scene. 78 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English mono; biographies; theatrical trailers; interview; photo gallery.
The Sheriff Was A Lady [DVD](1964) DVD
Talk about making a German spectacle out of itself! This European sagebrusher is unlike anything you've ever seen before, a tale of Black Bill (German Elvis-wannabe Freddie Quinn), a singing Teutonic cowpoke in search of his parents' killer, and Anita, the sexy female sheriff searching for those same creeps, who also swiped her father's gold. Mamie Van Doren is also featured. Wow!
The Navy vs. The Night Monsters [DVD](1966) DVD
Campy sci-fi classic stars Mamie Van Doren, Anthony Eisley, Billy Gray, Pamela Mason, and Bobby Van as inhabitants of a South Pacific naval base under attack by ambulatory killer trees from the Ice Age. Cheesy plant creatures and the buxom Mamie make this a must-see. AKA: "Monsters of the Night," "The Night Crawlers." 87 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
Hillbilly Comedy Collection [DVD] DVD
Country bumpkin Ferlin Husky lands in Las Vegas, inherits a dilapidated casino and turns it into a moneymaker with help from Jayne Mansfield and Mamie Van Doren (what a pair!), in "Las Vegas Hillbillys." With Sonny James, Del Reeves, and Richard Kiel. Two-disc set also includes "Li'l Abner" (1940), "Private Snuffy Smith," and "Hillbillys in a Haunted House." 5 hrs. total.
You've Got To Be Smart [DVD](1967) DVD
This rarity follows L.A. advertising wizard Tom Stern, who is fired from his job and winds up in a small town in Arkansas. Meeting a charismatic kid preacher and his brothers, a light bulb goes on over Stern's head: take them to L.A. and cash in! The pint-sized soul-savers are soon starring on "TV Tabernacle," but how long can the act last with the IRS wondering where all of the tykes' cash is going? With Mamie Van Doren, Gloria Castillo, Roger Perry. 88 min.
Voyage To The Planet Of The Prehistoric Women [DVD](1968) DVD
Film critic Peter Bogdanovich got a crash course in filmmaking when Roger Corman let him add new scenes to a Russian sci-fi epic. Mamie Van Doren plays the queen of a group of cavewomen who greet a group of astronauts that have landed on their world. The gals wear clamshell bikinis, communicate telepathically and worship a pterodactyl! With Mary Mark and Paige Lee. 79 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Plays All Regions.
Slackers [DVD](2002) DVD
Madcap campus comedy in which longtime college con men Devon Sawa, Jason Segal and Michael Maronna concoct a cheating plan a few months before graduation. When campus creep Jason Schwartzman discovers the scheme, he threatens to turn in the trio unless they hook him up with James King, Sawa's pretty classmate. Also stars Laura Prepon, Cameron Diaz and Gina Gershon in cameos, and '50s screen sexpot Mamie Van Doren. 86 min. Standard and Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby 5.1; Subtitles: English, French; interactive menus.

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This listing does not include Mamie Van Doren's appearances in Rhino's Teenage Theater series:
Slackers (2002) with Jason Schwartzman, Jim Rash, Nat Faxon, and Gedde Watanabe
The Vegas Connection (1999) with Robert Carradine
Free Ride (1986) with Warren Berlinger and Peter DeLuise
That Girl from Boston (1975) with George 'Buck' Flower; directed by Matt Cimber
The Arizona Kid (1971) with Gordon Mitchell
You've Got to Be Smart (1967) with Roger Perry
The Navy vs. the Night Monsters (1966) with Pamela Mason, Bobby Van, Anthony Eisley, Phillip Terry, and Billy Gray
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1966) with Margot Hartman
Las Vegas Hillbillys (1966) with Jayne Mansfield, Ferlin Husky, and Richard Kiel
Three Nuts in Search of a Bolt (1964) with Tommy Noonan, Alvy Moore, Ziva Rodann, and Marjorie Bennett
The Sheriff Was a Lady (1964) with Rik Battaglia
The Candidate (1964) with June Wilkinson and Ted Knight
The Blonde from Buenos Aires (1961) with Jean-Pierre Aumont
The Private Lives of Adam and Eve (1960) with Fay Spain, Martin Milner, Mickey Rooney, Ziva Rodann, and Tuesday Weld
College Confidential (1960) with Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, Ziva Rodann, and Conway Twitty
Sex Kittens Go to College (1960) with Tuesday Weld, Mijanou Bardot, Martin Milner, Vampira, Conway Twitty, Mickey Shaughnessy, Louis Nye, Pamela Mason, Jackie Coogan, John Carradine, and Norman Grabowski
Vice Raid (1960) with Brad Dexter, Richard Coogan, and Nestor Paiva
Girls Town (1959) with Gloria Talbott, Elinor Donahue, Ray Anthony, Dick Contino, Mel Torme, Paul Anka, and Norman Grabowski
The Beat Generation (1959) with Steve Cochran, Fay Spain, Ray Danton, and Ray Anthony
The Big Operator (1959) with Mickey Rooney, Steve Cochran, Ray Anthony, Ray Danton, and Ziva Rodann
Guns, Girls and Gangsters (1959) with Gerald Mohr and Lee Van Cleef
Born Reckless (1959) with Carol Ohmart, Jeff Richards, Arthur Hunnicutt, and Don 'Red' Barry
High School Confidential! (1958) with Jan Sterling, Russ Tamblyn, and Ray Anthony
The Beautiful Legs of Sabrina (1958)
Teacher's Pet (1958) with Clark Gable, Doris Day, Gig Young, Nick Adams, and Marion Ross
Untamed Youth (1957) with Lori Nelson, John Russell, Lurene Tuttle, Yvonne Lime, and Eddie Cochran
The Girl in Black Stockings (1957) with Lex Barker, Anne Bancroft, Marie Windsor, and Stuart Whitman
Jet Pilot (produced in 1950; released in 1957) with John Wayne, Janet Leigh, Jay C. Flippen, and Hans Conried
Star in the Dust (1956) with John Agar, Coleen Gray, Richard Boone, James Gleason, Randy Stuart, Harry Morgan, and Stafford Repp
Running Wild (1955) with William Campbell, John Saxon, and Keenan Wynn
Ain't Misbehavin' (1955) with Rory Calhoun, Piper Laurie, Jack Carson, and Barbara Britton
The Second Greatest Sex (1955) with George Nader, Jeanne Crain, and Keith Andes
Francis Joins the WACs (1954) with Donald O'Connor, Allison Hayes, Julie Adams, and Mara Corday
Yankee Pasha (1954) with Jeff Chandler, Rhonda Fleming, and Rex Reason
The All-American (1953) with Tony Curtis, Lori Nelson, Richard Long, and Stuart Whitman
Forbidden (1953) with Joanne Dru and Tony Curtis
Footlight Varieties (1951)
His Kind of Woman (1951) with Jane Russell and Robert Mitchum
Two Tickets to Broadway (1951)

Fantasy Island, episode The Stripper/The Boxer, originally aired February 10, 1979
Vega$, episode Serve, Volley and Kill, originally aired December 20, 1978
Mister Roberts, episode In Love and War, originally aired April 1, 1966
Burke's Law, episode Who Killed 711?, originally aired December 9, 1964
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, episode Exotic Housemother, originally aired December 9, 1964
Pantomime Quiz, episode Clint Walker vs. Mamie Van Doren, originally aired July 1, 1963
The Dick Powell Show, episode No Strings Attached, originally aired April 24, 1962
The Red Skelton Show, episode Clem and the Beanstalk, originally aired May 24, 1960
Alcoa Theatre, episode Girls About Town, originally aired November 2, 1959
The Bob Cummings Show, episode Bob Meets Mamie Van Doren, originally aired February 3, 1959

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Mamie Van Doren's offical website is truly something to see. There are many photos, old and new, of Mamie Van Doren, and her family and friends. Be sure to check out the autographed photos and other souvenirs available.

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