Born Leslie Gaye Griffin on March 6, 1935, in Denver, Colorado, Lisa Gaye was the youngest of a show business family: her sisters are actresses Debra Paget and Teala Loring, and her brother is Frank Griffin, an actor turned makeup man. Their mother, a former actress, was determined to get her children in show business and moved the family to California in the late 1930s.

Lisa Gaye

Late 1950s cheesecake photo of Lisa Gaye

Lisa Gaye embarked upon an acting career while in high school, and by the time she graduated, she was picking up bit parts on the Universal lot in such films as The Glenn Miller Story (1953; with James Stewart, June Allyson, and Charles Drake) and Yankee Pasha (1954; with Jeff Chandler, Rhonda Fleming, and Mamie Van Doren). Gaye signed a contract with Universal which ran through 1955; afterward, she freelanced in a variety of films and television shows. Gaye married businessman Bentley Ware in August 1955, and the couple welcomed a daughter in July 1963.

the films of lisa gaye

Drums Across the River (1954)

Audie Murphy and Lisa Gaye

With Audie Murphy in the Universal-International western Drums Across the River

Rock Around the Clock (1956)

Lisa Gaye and Bill Haley

With Bill Haley in Columbia's musical Rock Around the Clock, the first rock and roll film

Shake, Rattle & Rock! (1956)

Mike Connors and Lisa GayeLisa Gaye and Sterling Holloway

From the American International rock-and-roll drama Shake, Rattle & Rock!. LEFT: With Mike Connors. RIGHT: With Sterling Holloway

Zorro (1957-1959 ABC TV Series)

Henry Calvin, Guy Wiliams, and Lisa Gaye

With Henry Calvin and Guy Williams in a January 2, 1958 episode of ABC's Zorro titled The Fall of Monastario

The Bob Cummings Show (1955-1959 CBS/NBC TV Series)

Bob Cummings, Lisa Gaye, and Ken Murray

With Bob Cummings and Ken Murray in a July 7, 1959 episode of NBC's The Bob Cummings Show titled Bob Clashes with Ken

Adventures in Paradise (1959-1962 ABC TV Series)

Gardner McKay and Lisa Gaye

With Gardner McKay in an episode of ABC's Adventures in Paradise titled Wild Mangoes

Face of Terror (1962)

Lisa GayeLisa Gaye

From the independent horror film Face of Terror, shot in Spain

Night of Evil (1962)

Lynette Bernay and Lisa Gaye

With Lynette Bernay in the thriller Night of Evil

Castle of Evil (1966)

Lisa Gaye, Hugh Marlowe, Scott Brady, David Brian, and Virginia Mayo

From the low budget horror flick Castle of Evil with Hugh Marlowe, Scott Brady, David Brian, and Virginia Mayo

later years

Gaye acted in relatively few films during her 15-year acting career, working more often in television until late 1969, when she called it a day to raise her daughter, Janell. Her last film was the western The Violent Ones (1967; with Fernando Lamas, Aldo Ray, Tommy Sands, and David Carradine). Gaye was widowed in January 1977 and never remarried. Sadly, Lisa Gaye passed away in Texas on July 14, 2016. She is survived by her daughter, grandchildren, and siblings Debra Paget and Frank Griffin.

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The Violent Ones (1967) with Fernando Lamas, Aldo Ray, Tommy Sands, and David Carradine
Valley of Mystery (1967) with Richard Egan, Peter Graves, Joby Baker, Lois Nettleton, Julie Adams, Fernando Lamas, Karen Sharpe, Lee Patterson, and Leonard Nimoy
Castle of Evil (1966) with Scott Brady, Virginia Mayo, David Brian, and Hugh Marlowe
Night of Evil (1962) with William Campbell
Face of Terror (1962) with Fernando Rey
Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1957) with Dean Martin, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Eva Bartok, Dewey Martin, Walter Slezak, Paul Henreid, John Archer, Dean Jones, and Monique van Vooren
Shake, Rattle & Rock! (1956) with Mike Connors, Sterling Holloway, Douglass Dumbrille, Raymond Hatton, Margaret Dumont, and Fats Domino
Rock Around the Clock (1956) with Alan Freed, Alix Talton, John Archer, and Bill Haley
Drums Across the River (1954) with Audie Murphy, Walter Brennan, Lyle Bettger, Hugh O'Brian, Mara Corday, Jay Silverheels, Regis Toomey, and Morris Ankrum

How to Marry a Millionaire, 1957-1959 syndicated TV series produced by 20th Century Fox. Gaye portrayed Gwen Kirby during the show's second season. Also in the cast were Barbara Eden, Merry Anders, and Lori Nelson
The Bob Cummings Show, 1955-1959 CBS and NBC TV series. Gaye had a recurring role as Collette DuBois

The Mod Squad, episode A Town Called Sincere, originally aired January 24, 1970
The Flying Nun, episode A Ticket for Bertrille, originally aired December 10, 1969
Death Valley Days, episode Tracy's Triumph, originally aired October 4, 1969
The Flying Nun, episode Cousins by the Dozen, originally aired April 3, 1969
Death Valley Days, episode Lottie's Legacy, originally aired October 27, 1968
I Dream of Jeannie, episode U.F.Oh Jeannie, originally aired September 16, 1968
Death Valley Days, episode The Other Side of the Mountain, originally aired April 13, 1968
Death Valley Days, episode The Thirty Calibre Town, originally aired April 12, 1968
The Wild Wild West, episode The Night of the Falcon, originally aired November 10, 1967
Get Smart, episode The Mummy, originally aired February 4, 1967
The Time Tunnel, episode The Walls of Jericho, originally aired January 27, 1967
Death Valley Days, episode The Gypsy, originally aired December 28, 1966
The Wild Wild West, episode The Night of the Skulls, originally aired December 16, 1966
The Double Life of Henry Phyfe, episode Spend a Million Phyfe, originally aired April 14, 1966
Hank, episode The Trouble with Tina, originally aired January 28, 1966
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Vanishing Victim, originally aired January 23, 1966
The Smothers Brothers Show, episode Immaterial Witness, originally aired December 3, 1965
Burke's Law, episode Deadlier Than the Male, originally aired November 17, 1965
The John Forsythe Show, episode Super Girl, originally aired November 15, 1965
Mister Roberts, episode Lover, Come Forward, originally aired October 22, 1965
Mona McCluskey, episode How to Put Out an Old Flame, originally aired October 21, 1965
Death Valley Days, episode The Rider, originally aired October 7, 1965
Death Valley Days, episode Captain Dick Mine, originally aired October 1, 1965
Burke's Law, episode Who Killed the Rest?, originally aired March 17, 1965
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Nautical Knot, originally aired October 29, 1964
My Living Doll, episode Rhoda and the V.I.P., originally aired October 25, 1964
Death Valley Days, episode The Other White Man, originally aired October 8, 1964
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Wednesday Woman, originally aired January 2, 1964
77 Sunset Strip, episode Paper Chase, originally aired December 27, 1963
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Two-Faced Turn-a-bout, originally aired February 14, 1963
Hawaiian Eye, episode Boar Hunt, originally aired February 5, 1963
Going My Way, episode A Saint for Momma, originally aired December 26, 1962
The Beachcomber, episode The Ransom, originally aired October 9, 1962
77 Sunset Strip, episode The Lovely American, originally aired May 4, 1962
Surfside 6, episode Green Bay Riddle, originally aired April 23, 1962
Bronco, episode One Evening in Abilene, originally aired March 19, 1962
Hawaiian Eye, episode Year of Grace, originally aired January 24, 1962
Laramie, episode The Perfect Gift, originally aired January 2, 1962
Tales of Wells Fargo, episode Kelly's Clover Girls, originally aired December 9, 1961
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Travelling Treasure, originally aired November 4, 1961
The Bob Cummings Show, episode Vive La Credit Card, originally aired October 19, 1961
Hawaiian Eye, episode The Doctor's Lady, originally aired October 18, 1961
Bachelor Father, episode Rush Week, originally aired October 10, 1961
77 Sunset Strip, episode The Desert Spa Caper, originally aired September 29, 1961
Tales of Wells Fargo, episode The Dowry, originally aired July 10, 1961
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Guilty Clients, originally aired June 10, 1961
Bat Masterson, episode The Fatal Garment, originally aired May 25, 1961
Adventures in Paradise, episode Wild Mangoes, originally aired May 1, 1961
Surfside 6, episode Circumstantial Evidence, originally aired April 17, 1961
Death Valley Days, episode A General Without Cause, originally aired April 12, 1961
77 Sunset Strip, episode Old Card Sharps Never Die, originally aired March 31, 1961
Wagon Train, episode The Tiburcio Mendez Story, originally aired March 22, 1961
Hawaiian Eye, episode Talk and You're Dead, originally aired January 18, 1961
Maverick, episode A State of Siege, originally aired January 1, 1961
Checkmate, episode Moment of Truth, originally aired November 26, 1960
Rawhide, episode Incident of the Slavemaster, originally aired November 11, 1960
Cheyenne, episode Counterfeit Gun, originally aired October 10, 1960
Wanted: Dead or Alive, episode Journey for Josh, originally aired October 5, 1960
Markham, episode The Country Mouse, originally aired August 11, 1960
Hawaiian Eye, episode Assignment: Manila, originally aired May 25, 1960
Bourbon Street Beat, episode False Identity, originally aired May 23, 1960
Death Valley Days, episode Eagle in the Rocks, originally aired May 10, 1960
Death Valley Days, episode The Million Dollar Pants, originally aired April 13, 1960
U.S. Marshal, episode Backfire, originally aired March 26, 1960
Cheyenne, episode Outcast of Cripple Creek, originally aired February 29, 1960
Men Into Space, episode Dateline: Moon, originally aired February 10, 1960
The Millionaire, episode Millionaire Jerry Mitchell, originally aired February 9, 1960
Bourbon Street Beat, episode The 10% Blues, originally aired February 8, 1960
Mr. Lucky, episode The Brain Picker, originally aired February 6, 1960
Pony Express, episode The Peace Offering, originally aired November 18, 1959
Bat Masterson, episode Buffalo Kill, originally aired July 29, 1959
Sea Hunt, episode Sea Serpent, originally aired June 28, 1959
Colt .45, episode Law West of the Pecos, originally aired June 7, 1959
Sea Hunt, episode Water Ski Show, originally aired May 31, 1959
Colonel Humphrey Flack, episode Pearls of Wisdom, originally aired May 31, 1959
Tombstone Territory, episode Grave Near Tombstone, originally aired May 22, 1959
Sea Hunt, episode Hermes, originally aired May 10, 1959
77 Sunset Strip, episode A Bargain in Tombs, originally aired April 24, 1959
Sea Hunt, episode Nerve Gas, originally aired April 12, 1959
Bat Masterson, episode Sharpshooter, originally aired February 11, 1959
Sea Hunt, episode The Stunt, originally aired February 8, 1959
Black Saddle, episode Client: McQueen, originally aired January 24, 1959
The Californians, episode The Man Who Owned San Francisco, originally aired December 30, 1958
Northwest Passage, episode Surprise Attack, originally aired October 5, 1958
Northwest Passage, episode The Gunsmith, originally aired September 28, 1958
Tombstone Territory, episode The Tin Gunman, originally aired April 6, 1958
Have Gun - Will Travel, episode Gun Shy, originally aired March 29, 1958
Mike Hammer, episode Dead Men Don't Dream, originally aired February 18, 1958
The Lineup, episode The Hot Shot Robbery Case, originally aired January 24, 1958
Zorro, episode The Fall of Monastario, originally aired January 2, 1958
Have Gun - Will Travel, episode Helen of Abajinian, originally aired December 28, 1957
The Thin Man, episode Ring Around Rosie, originally aired November 22, 1957
The Adventures of Jim Bowie, episode Spanish Intrigue, originally aired February 8, 1957
Science Fiction Theatre, episode Gravity Zero, originally aired January 11, 1957
The Adventures of Jim Bowie, episode Trapline, originally aired October 5, 1956
Annie Oakley, episode Annie and the Lacemaker, originally aired July 15, 1956
It's a Great Life, episode The Lady and the Painting, originally aired January 15, 1956
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, episode Appearances Are Deceiving, originally aired January 2, 1956
Frontier, episode The Long Road to Tucson, originally aired December 25, 1955

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